Distribution of the ketchup bottle

Ketchup- themed products can be available for the birthday celebration, which is occurring over here. There are some facilities will be distributed to the user who are purchasing a sauce or celebrating a birthday etc. The Ketchup is slightly different from the catsup by its taste and availability. The catsup bottle is designed as a roadside architecture to celebrate its 19th annual programme.

Due to the goodness of this condiment, it leads to the community, which brings the families for the festival. For the example, in one eating competition, the person whose name is Jim has ate 12 dogs meat with the sauce, which is from the catsup bottle. Like these, there are so many interesting competition has been conducted and the winners are awarded.

Time –tested events are performed for the ketchup tasting, eating contest, water balloon task, little princess tomato etc. on the day of Catsup bottle festival free shuttle bus is provided to visit the tall tower which is for catsup sauce. From the year of 1998, the largest bottle water tower is revealing the special attraction in the world. That tower is placed in a tourist destinations and it is providing a live entertainment to the people.

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